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On 11.01.98 22:56 from
Tim Pullen
(jaytim@dial.pipex.com / no homepage)

Brilliant! Innovative approach, maitaining the famous XTG design, and very readable and informative. Keep it up!

On 09.01.98 13:50 from
Daniel de Alava
(alava@fcien.edu.uy / no homepage)

When I had been without any choice to fix some uggly stuff; XTG 1, 2 or 3 where the solution!!!
Thank's to the people ho build-up this page!

On 07.01.98 23:25 from
Hans Verhoef
(j.c.verhoef@pi.net / no homepage)

I've been using XTree(originally XTree Pro, later versions 2, 2.5, 3 and 4WIN).
Compared with Norton (DOS through W95) and PC Tools, I think the DOS-version 3 is still the best.
I like your site!

On 07.01.98 20:03 from
Gene Randolph
(sub-zero@ij.net / no homepage)

I've been using X-TREE GOLD since version 1.5 up thru version 4.0...Once I show people the program they ALL fall deeply in love with it!!
I feel it is the greatest file management program ever written!

On 07.01.98 01:08 from
Tim Teal
(webmaster@tealnet.com / http://www.tealnet.com)

Very interesting approach you have here... I like it! Come check out my site!

On 03.01.98 14:54 from
Frank Owens
(owensfrank@infoblvd.net / no homepage)

It is a shame that XTGold is not supported anymore. I have version 2.5. I am currently using ZTreeWin which I like quite well. I come across this site through ZTreeWin's home page. I will be back to look around some more.

On 01.01.98 23:39 from
Robert Magoffin
(rcmagoff@pacbell.net / no homepage)

Thanks for your excellent XTree Webpage! I am deeply, deeply pained by the loss of my XTreeWIN1.5 when I upgraded to Win95. Your info has been of much value--please keep up your pursuit.
:} RCM 01/01/98

On 26.12.97 00:58 from
Victor GArcia
(vico@mpsnet.com.mx / http://www.serve.com/vico)

Hello Mathias this is Victor Garcia.
Let me tell You that your place is getting
really good
and Thank you for your mention to my New WWW Board.
See you soon

On 23.12.97 01:30 from
Mathias Winkler
(mathias.winkler@munich.netsurf.de / http://homepages.munich.netsurf.de/Mathias.Winkler)

Dear XTree friends,

thanks a lot for all your visits and your kind words;
I wish you a merry, merry Christmas, and all the best for 1998 !

I still have a lot of things in mind to update this page, so keep watching it.
Any kinds of comments, suggestions, requests, etc. are warmly welcome.

Keep XTree alive !

On 21.12.97 20:55 from
Chester Olszta
(colszta@whidbey.com / no homepage)

This is a great site for fans of XTREE.

On 21.12.97 14:01 from
P.M. Kroonenberg
(kroonenb@rulfsw.fsw.leidenuniv.nl / http://www.fsw.ledienuniv.nl/~kroonenb)

Good to find ZTree + additions

On 17.12.97 03:52 from
Jay Philippbar
(jayphil@home.com / no homepage)

Excellent work dedicated towards an elegant and extremely useful program. My thanks to the hard work of people like you and Kim Henkel. Ztree is hot, the BEST!

On 14.12.97 11:10 from
Lloyd Pennyfeather
(macpened@compusmart.ab.ca / no homepage)

I just had my first look of your Xtree page; very well put together - Bravo.
Lloyd Pennyfeather
Dec 14, 97 10:09 GMT

On 12.12.97 17:48 from
David Johnson
(wavydavy@cyburban.com / no homepage)

Excellent site for a great program !
XTree forever !

On 10.12.97 21:19 from
Mathias Winkler
(mathias.winkler@munich.netsurf.de / http://homepages.munich.netsurf.de/Mathias.Winkler)

ZTree IS impressive !

So the best way to use XTree with Win95
is to switch to ZTree ...


On 10.12.97 20:43 from
Henk Wondergem
(henkw@interlog.com / no homepage)

Just found out about ztree.
Almost was giving up to ever use XTREE under WIN95

ZTREE looks impressive


On 10.12.97 14:14 from
tom ettinger
(thomas@ettinger.com / no homepage)

this was my absolutely most favorite program before the march of technology made it obsolete. the norton replacement has lost many of its features and has only the virtue that it WORKS properly with the long file names.

it would be wonderful ifd you could review where one can still use it in windows95 without making problems for ones directories!!!


On 08.12.97 00:07 from
Mathias Winkler
(mathias.winkler@munich.netsurf.de / http://homepages.munich.netsurf.de/Mathias.Winkler)

Hello Klaus !

ZTreeWin for Win95 (as well as ZTreeBold for OS/2) is highly recommended for all XTree fans; small in size it operates in pure text-mode, very fast compared to all other Windows file managers; although still a bit slower than Xtree (perhaps due to the need of using the Win95 API ?).
Moreover, it's use of external files is XTreeGold compatible, that means you are able to use all your XTreeGold bat files (for 'O'pen command), most of the graphics viewers, the 'xtg_menu.dat' (for F9-Application menu).
Remember, ZTree is a work in progress and is steadily updated und bug-fixed by the author Kim Henkel, so it's worth watching the ZTree beta pages.


On 07.12.97 23:18 from
Klaus Rottach
(Klaus.Rottach@t-online.de / no homepage)

Congratulations for this amazing work on the famous xtree program family you have published here. It is definitely worth doing it! Not any other file manager system is nearly as useful as xtree! Due to your experience: can you recommend ZTreeWin95 (I am still stuck with XTreePro)?
Keep going - best wishes

On 07.12.97 16:12 from
Mathias Winkler
(mathias.winkler@munich.netsurf.de / http://homepages.munich.netsurf.de/Mathias.Winkler)

Dear XTree friends,

thanks for visiting the XTree Fan Page !

You are kindly invited to add comments, criticism, suggestions, questions, or whatever you want to say to the Guestbook.

Don't hesitate to fill the form, and thank you very much for your participation !

All the best!