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How many unnecessary keystrokes and mouse clicks do you make each day—and how many seconds, minutes, or hours do you lose? No more! Norton Navigator ™ lets you open any folder, or work with any file, with a single click. It lets you get your work done faster and frees you to concentrate on your own concerns, not your computer’s.

File management at your fingertips. Norton Navigator’s powerful file management features make Windows 95 significantly faster and easier. You can zip or unzip any file in one-third the time it takes to use a separate application, simply by dragging and dropping. You can access Norton Navigator’s file management tools from the open/save dialog box of almost any application, or from the Windows 95 Explorer. You can even access Internet FTP sites directly from the file manager.

Unique folder navigation. Now something as simple as finding and copying a file really is simple. Navigate through your folders via pop-up cascading menus. Find, copy, or move any file with a single mouse click without having to go through dozens of open windows and extra mouse clicks in the Windows 95 Explorer.

Find your work fast. Norton Navigator expands Windows 95’s single desktop into multiple, project-oriented desktop layouts to let you easily organize and find your work. You can keep frequently used items (files, folders, and applications) right on the taskbar for one-click access.

Norton Navigator locates files with a specific text string ten times faster than the standard Windows 95 search. You can access recently opened files and folders in any application with a single click. Finding files in your 16-bit applications is easier, too, because Norton Navigator adds support for long file names. Find your way faster and easier—with Norton Navigator!

Use it From Day One! The utilities and anti-virus products you were using before won’t work under Windows 95! You can assure complete protection, prevention, and productivity with Peter Norton utilities solutions from Symantec. Norton AntiViru s ™ automatically detects, eliminates, and prevents viruses. Norton Utilities ™ provides continuous system protection and data recovery, and helps prepare your system for Windows 95 installation.Norton Navigator delivers enhanced file management and desktop navigation.

Save countless steps every time you work—guaranteed!

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Symantec Introduces Norton Navigator

Desktop Navigation and File Management for Windows 95

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- July 31, 1995 -- Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) today announced Norton Navigator, a robust set of 32-bit file management tools and time-saving desktop enhancements for the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system that make it easier and faster to manage files and get around the new desktop metaphor in Windows 95.

Tightly integrated with Windows 95, Norton Navigator is a natural extension of the new operating system, designed for users who demand more speed, functionality and operating convenience. By extending Windows 95 basic capabilities, Norton Navigator lets users quickly find files and programs, and configure their systems for maximum productivity. It can improve the speed of typical user operations up to ten times.

Norton Navigator, architected specifically for Windows 95, is the successor product to the desktop and file management capabilities in Norton Desktop for Windows (NDW) and PC Tools for Windows (PCTW) and represents a merger of technical expertise from Symantec's Peter Norton and Central Point product groups. The Desktop Importer lets NDW and PCTW users easily move their individual desktop configurations over to Norton Navigator.

Norton Navigator extends the Windows 95 elements such as the Taskbar, Start Menu, Explorer and My Computer. Norton Navigator's Taskbar lets users create multiple desktops, each organized for a particular task or related set of activities, letting users switch between tasks and activities with the click of a mouse.

Like NDW and PCTW, Norton Navigator offers the powerful Norton File Manager application in addition to Explorer file-management extensions. These tools provide fast, index-based file searches, PKZip support, integrated Quick View viewers, and direct file transfer to and from Internet FTP sites.

"With Norton Navigator installed, file management and navigating the new Windows 95 interface is even faster and easier," said Tom Darnall, general manager, Symantec productivity utilities. "We've included enhancements to many of the favorite file management and desktop features from Norton Desktop and PC Tools for Windows, and added brand new utilities, such as Norton Folder Navigator, to address the specific needs of Windows 95 users."


Norton Navigator for Windows 95 is available at an estimated retail price of $99. A tradeup is available for $39 to registered users of Norton Desktop, PC Tools, Norton Commander and XTree. Norton Navigator is also offered on CD-ROM (with an extended multimedia tutorial) at an estimated retail price of $99.

Norton Navigator requires IBM-PC or 100% compatible, Windows 95, Intel 80386 DX or higher (486 DX recommended), 4MB of RAM required (8MB recommended), 6MB free hard disk space required.

Symantec Corporation develops, markets and supports a complete line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity as well as manage networked computing environments. Platforms supported include IBM personal computers and compatibles, Apple Macintosh computers as well as all major network operating systems. Founded in 1982, the company has offices in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free, or (503) 334-6054.


* 32-bit file management and desktop navigation which extends, enhances and complements Windows 95

* Faster and more convenient zip/unzip capabilities

* Built-in Internet FTP mapping and file transfer makes it easy to copy files to and from Internet FTP sites with drag and drop from the Norton File Manager

* Streamline everyday tasks in Windows 95 tasks with a comprehensive set of Start Menu, Taskbar and pop-up menu enhancements

* Gives most 16-bit applications the ability to use Long File Names (LFN) in their open/save dialog boxes

* Common Norton File Manager tools accessible from the Windows 95 Explorer

* Access file management tools from the open/save dialog box of almost any application

* Launch applications, folders or files more quickly and easily with Norton QuickLaunch

* Norton Desktop and PC Tools for Windows users can import current desktop configurations with Desktop Importer program

* Qualifies for Designed for Windows 95 logo

* Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Japanese concurrent with Microsoft's release of Windows 95 in the respective country

General Overview: Norton Navigator for Windows 95


Norton File Manager

Powerful file management features in Norton Navigator help make Windows 95 significantly faster and easier.

Norton FastFind

FastFind provides powerful, fast file searching on name, dates, size, attributes and text within files. It uses a new index-based file search engine that works up to 10 times faster than a normal search for a specific text string within a file. FastFind can also search for Windows 95's new extended dates attributes.

Norton Zip/Unzip

Using drag-and-drop, users can zip/unzip any file in one-third the time it takes to use a separate application. File Manager supports PKZip V1.x (unzipping only) and V2.x, ARC, LHZ (LHA 2.1x), and Zip self-extracting archives.

Internet FTP Mapping and File Transfer

Internet FTP mapping and file transfer capabilities make it easy to copy files to and from Internet FTP sites. Users simply drag-and-drop right from the Norton File Manager. Internet FTP sites will look and act just like another network drive.

Norton UUencode/UUdecode

Users can now easily encode files to send over Internet, e-mail or usenet groups, and quickly decode files received from the Internet.

Norton Folder Synchronization

Users can compare and synchronize the contents of two directories through an easy and fast dual pane interface.

Other File Management Functions

Users can change file associations; compare files; copy and make image files of floppy disks; encrypt/decrypt files; setup custom SmartTabs for customized display settings; and customize the toolbars, menus and shortcut keys.

Norton FileAssist

FileAssist provides file management, a history list of recently used files and folders from within any 16-bit application's open/save dialogs that work with Common Dialog specifications. This gives you instant access to the tools and file/folders you need without having to switch out of the application.

Norton Extensions

Norton extensions add to the Explorer feature in Windows 95, allowing users to right-mouse click on a file and access not only the basic Windows 95 file management options, but also the Norton File Manager tools like Norton Zip, Encrypt, UUEncode, etc.

Norton File Archive Wizard

For the best use of hard disk space, the File Archive Wizard walks the user through a search for old or rarely used files and offers options for moving, archiving or deleting them from the hard disk.


Norton Folder Navigator

Folder Navigator makes opening a folder, or copying, moving or creating shortcuts of files anywhere on the hard disk possible with one step - right from the Explorer. It uses a cascading menu system, accessible through the right-mouse button, to allow the user to navigate through the directory (folder) structure very quickly and easily.

Norton Taskbar

Norton Taskbar's Desktop Manager expands the Windows 95 single desktop into multiple, project-oriented desktop layouts. This allows users to organize their work by project to quickly find the files and applications they need for the task at hand. The Norton Taskbar's QuickLaunch section lets users add frequently used application, folder or file icons to the Taskbar for one-click launching.

Norton LFN

Bridging the gap between Windows 3.x and Windows 95, Norton LFN (long file names) adds support for long file names to the Open/Save dialog boxes within 16-bit applications that work with Common Dialog specifications.

Norton QuickMenus

QuickMenus add cascading menus to the Settings and Run menus on the Windows 95 Start Menu to provide quicker access to individual Control Panels and recently "Run" items. In addition, it groups and documents by application type in the Documents menu.

Norton SmartFolders

The SmartFolder utility takes advantage of the new Shortcuts feature in Windows 95 and automatically maintains the contents of user-specified folders/subdirectories. Shortcuts in a SmartFolder will be created or deleted automatically based on user-specified parameters such as file extension, file location, file attributes, file date/time stamp, or a list of most recently accessed files.

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