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Welcome to the XTree Fan Page, it is entirely dedicated to the legendary XTree (tm) file managing software, featuring XTree history, XTree people, an exhaustive XTree version chart, a survey of XTree clones (like ZTree ), XTree Tips&Tricks, XTree related software for download, a XTree bookstore, and much more...
With this first comprehensive homepage on XTree I try to collect and publish *every* relevant information on XTree and it's history you could think of. Of course this project will be a work in progress (as anything on the web should be) and I will perform a frequent update on this site with any further information on XTree I get aware of.
Now, what is XTree? XTree is a software for organizing files on PC's harddisks and floppies, introduced to the public in the mid 1980's by Executive Systems Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA (later to become XTree Company), as a complete new kind of file managing utility. They proudly presented one of the first attempts to something like a "Graphical User Interface" for the pure command-line world DOS has been these days:
"The purpose of XTree is to facilitate the file and directory maintenance process by providing you commands to access, delete, rename, view, move, list, or show any and all files within any and all directories on your floppy and hard disks.  XTree is remarkable for its ease of use, clarity of organization, and multitude of services. XTree presents a visualization of the directories, subdirectories, and files on your disks in clear, graphic screen displays. Statistical data is also displayed at all times; this data is updated as you perform your tasks." (Quoted from an early XTree manual)

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